Inspiring Street Art in Jogja

Type, Colour Palettes & Dance – A Week in Yogyakarta

We touched down smoothly in Yogyakarta, Indonesia with the sound of the call to prayer humming around in the humid city air.

Ready for a week of design, communications and branding with Nalitari but not knowing what to expect from Jogja, I spent my first day wandering and exploring and taking in the sights. The city oozes creativity, incredible street art is dotted around every corner and every alley, and if you look hard enough you’ll stumble across hidden Batik workshops set in tropical gardens. This was the opening for an inspiring and creative week in Jogja.

I met four of the Nalitari Team on Sunday and we got straight into reflecting on their digital presence and creating a way forward with a digital strategy and plan with clear aims and objectives to help them on their road to sustainability.

The team are a passionate, dedicated bunch and you can tell that they are in love with the community they’ve help to build around Nalitari.

Going into the project I knew that the Nalitari team knew what good design was, but it was clear that they were lacking in consistency which would really pull their brand together, increase brand recognition and professionalism.

We had a full agenda of design, digital strategy and communications planning. The week allowed me to analyze their communications, design and online presence with the team, support them with technical aspects and give the team time and space to ponder things like typeface and colour palettes, I’m not sure many organisations are able to dedicate time to do this!

During the experience, it was important for me as a facilitator to make sure what I was doing was sustainable, that the decisions were coming from the team and that they were understanding the key concepts. I worked closely with PR Marketing, Yoana, to show her not only how to achieve something but most importantly why we were doing it.

Nalitari is a wonderful organisation with their heart in the right place making interesting work, I’m proud to have helped them on their journey to sustainability and if you’re ever in Java make sure that you check them out!


Hayley Holden WAE

Meet the Team: Hayley Holden

Calling Cambodia her home since 2015, Hayley is a Communications Specialist and Arts Manager based in south-east Asia. Hayley consults on We Are Epic Communications and Branding and is also the Projects Manager at Epic Arts.

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