Meet Kathryn Stamp, our Evaluator!

Hello! I’m Kathryn Stamp and I am We Are Epic’s evaluator. My role with the company is to track, trace, review, analyse and reflect on the decisions being made and the development of the company during this year. In evaluation terms, I’m relatively new to the business, but my current PhD research is also evaluation focused, so fits neatly with my work for Epic.

Prior to beginning my PhD at Coventry University I was a lecturer in a Further Education college, teaching Dance and Performing Arts. As part of my role as a teacher I taught a number of SEND and LDD young adult groups, which sparked my interest in working in community and inclusive arts.

My approach to this evaluative work is not only to ensure that the handling of information is rigorous and professional, but also to explore creative, on-going and accessible ways of communicating and presenting findings, such as this info graphic from the first Pinpoint Powwow.

Here I gathered and transcribed all the various data we collected from the event, including annotated papers, recordings of discussions and written responses to verbally given instructions. From this I completed a thematic analysis, drawing out key themes and linking them with the evidence, which is reflected in the key aspects displayed here.

I look forward to exploring more about what We Are Epic has to offer as a company and to follow them on their journey, exploring their identity, purpose and practice for the future.