International Collaboration

We know that bringing different minds and bodies together from around the world creates exciting opportunities, ignites innovative thinking and changes the way we view the world.

To support more of this, we instigate and deliver international collaborations and exchanges between the UK and our international partners to develop creative collaborations that produce high-quality work.

We facilitate and support exchanges between international organisations and professional artists, emerging practitioners and academics in the UK.

Our Projects

‘United Differences’ brought together Lisa Simpson’s unique practice as a disabled choreographer with non-verbal communication in collaboration with dancers and choreographers from Epic Encounters (Cambodia) and Nalitari (Indonesia).

Three dancers from Nalitari, Indonesia connecting together draped with scarves

International exchange in the time of COVID-19. Find out how Dancers from the UK and Indonesia shared inclusive practice throughout 2020.

Thouen Headshot

Thouen was eager to continue dancing and had no intentions of going back to work on his family’s buffalo farm. He wanted to make a performance piece about his stories, and continue developing his artistic skills.

James Cousins Inclusive Dance for We Are Epic

James has extensive experience of working in Asia but had limited experience of working with dancers who identify as part of the disabled community. We Are Epic hosted an international collaboration in order for James to explore diverse style of movement and to create high-quality work with Epic Encounters (Cambodia)

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