Different bodies and minds.
Dancing together.

ID Dance Co. is a dance company based in Leicester, UK. We explore how different bodies and minds can dance together. 

We create high-quality work that challenges expectations of who a dancer is, by bringing together talented dancers with different bodies and minds from a range of backgrounds and cultures.

What We Do

wide shit of a dance studio with three dancer in different poses in the background

ID Sessions

Each year weekly inclusive dance technique classes take place at Attenborough Arts Centre, for all members of ID Dance Co. Auditions take place annually.

As part of the ID Session, ID Dance Co. members can attend 3 masterclasses with industry leaders each year.

‘We Meet Again’ Film

Supported by: Arts Council England, Attenborough Arts Centre and De Montfort University Leicester

Two dancers from ID Dance Co., Lauren Russell and Kadafi Mulula used ideas from a masterclass to create this dance film. They worked with choreographer and director Charlotte Tomlinson and producer Laura Evans to develop the ideas and movement. The film was then shot on location with BAFTA award winning film company Junction 15.

Dancers: Lauren Russell and Kadafi Mulula
Choreography: Charlotte Tomlinson, Lauren Russell and Kadafi Mulula
Director: Charlotte Tomlinson
Producer: Laura Evans
Film: Junction 15

Developing Talent

ID Dance Co. is part of the We Are Epic Talent Development Programme and explores methods for developing a high-quality dance company that works with a range of different bodies and minds to create and present new work together.

We support and develop talented disabled, non-disabled, neurodiverse and ethnically diverse artists to access quality dance training and masterclasses with industry leaders.

Through this talent development programme we also offer bespoke mentoring, international opportunities and support for dancers at the start of their careers.

A Unique Approach to Talent Development

We’re always on the look out for professional choreographers to work with to develop our Dancers professional pathways and for choreographers to develop their own inclusive practice.

Interested in working with us?

ID Dance Co. is a We Are Epic CiC project
supported by Attenborough Arts Centre and Arts Council England