Cambodian dancers go to the UK

Buffalo Boy Travels to the UK

Do you remember the first time you flew?! Cambodian Dancer, Thouen is embarking on his first flight. Actually, it’s the first time he’s left Cambodia.

“ I’m very excited for the project, but I’m a little scared of flying! ” 

-Thouen, Dancer

We hope that the fright has worn off by the time he touches down for the second phase of production on ‘Buffalo Boy’ in the UK.

Dancers Thouen and Noth will be in the UK to continue developing their new piece ‘Buffalo Boy’ for two weeks with a creative team. There’s a team creatives working on the production, including dramaturge Lou Cope.

The Buffalo Boy project began in late 2017 with a creative team visiting Cambodia producing a 45 minute performance piece based on Thouen’s experience of isolation and communication. 

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The next few weeks are going to be exciting for everyone involved. You can follow along over the next few weeks on Twitter for updates from creative team to get a peek inside the studio.