Come along to a PinPoint Meeting in LEI

Our event in January was a small success and now you’re invited to join us for our next one.  People who came had opportunities to network and ended up with support for hot desking, a meeting to swap skills and ways of working with children with challenging behaviours and there were in-depth dicussions around what it is to be a freelance artist while teaching and building a business. People went away feeling more connected and with little tangible things they could do to develop their practices. 
From our side, we collected feedback on our mission statement and listen to how we can be clearer with how we present ourselves. We started conversations and listened to opinions of how We Are Epic could support the local artistic scene, begin to fill the gaps and things to consider for future ventures. After all we’re more interested in supporting what’s already going on and collaborating, than reinventing the wheel!
If you’re new to We Are Epic, the event is a few hours designed for local Leicester based performing arts artists, practitioners & facilitators to network, exchange ideas & experiences, & for us to find ways to support the local landscape. 
Our background is in arts, in the UK and in Cambodia. We’ve worked across the mainstream and disabled-led performing art sectors with disabled and non-disabled artists, practitioners and facilitators. We understand the importance of access and inclusion at many levels. If you want to come and would like to chat about access requirements contact Lou Coleman, Diversity Officer.
The event will be at The Attenborough Arts Centre, 10-15 minutes from Leicester train station. 
See our invite for more details.
Bring friends, colleagues and collaborators and feel free to pass this opportunity around your networks, remembering if you’re coming to RSVP.
See you on Monday 5 March 2018!
Lou Coleman, Diversity Officer.