Meet Michael, our new Arts Admin Trainee

Hi there!

I’m Michael and I am the Arts Administration Trainee here at We Are Epic. I am writing this blog towards the end of my first month here at We Are Epic, and I am currently staring at a page full of excitedly scribbled down notes about my experiences here so far. So bear with me as I try to get everything down.

My background in the arts is as a performer/practitioner, so this role is providing me with an insight into a different side of the arts. I have previously worked with young people with SEND in school settings, and continue to work with young people at a youth organisation in Nottingham, with a big focus on the LGBTQ+ service.

My first couple of days

My first couple of days were a whirlwind of coffee, lots of discussions and a plethora of new faces. As soon as you arrive at the Attenborough Arts Centre there is a buzz about the building, and a sense of excitement as artists and participants flit in and out of spaces. Ant and Lou were very clear and concise when discussing my role and the kind of guidance and mentoring I would receive, but they were also very clear that they wanted me to have responsibility for setting up specific systems and allowing me a sense of ownership with the administration in the office.

During my first couple of days we spent a lot of time discussing artists and companies that work in partnership with We Are Epic, and the ways in which We Are Epic are helping to support them, such as the Pinpoint Meetings.

Slowly but surely I was building a bigger picture of what We Are Epic encompass and the work they are doing.

In my second week

I attended the Devoted and Disgruntled event for We Are Epic,

which was a brilliant opportunity to network, get a snapshot of the needs of artists and contribute to important discussions around inclusion, diversity and the future of performing arts.

My own creative project

Ant and Lou also discussed the importance of me having my own creative project to work on, supported by We Are Epic, which is an amazing opportunity, more details to follow in the next blog!

Right, that is probably enough for now! I will be writing and posting updates regularly, so keep a look out!