For me being a dancer for ID company is a blessing! As a dancer, I am interested in how different bodies can move into space and connect with others. Since each of us is unique, dance can bring people closer to each other and share values.


I am currently a Digital Dance Artist at De Montfort University and I've just joined ID Dance company! The company space is incredibly important to me because it's an inclusive environment where everyone is welcome to express themselves through dance and better their own practice.


ID has helped me regain my confidence into moving within my own body. The weekly class helps strengthen my body and explore my improvisation and collaboration skills further. ID is helping me to gain a network within Leicestershire.


I am a dancer from a mixed background of Contemporary, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Ballet, Improvisation and choreographic practices. I'm open-minded to ideas varying my approaches to dance, and that creates a curiosity which causes me to enjoy the constant exploration of choreographic processes Jasmine presents to us.

Indulging in my creative juices as Jasmine allows us to make our own work is developing my artistic flair and individuality. Jasmine is opening my eyes to movement approaches that are less based on genre, form and precision but more based on freedom, connection, and stage presence. This compliments the theory and practical on choreographic composition I am studying at University.

The inclusive environment [at ID] allows me to feel emotionally safe which I feel is allowing me to learn faster than environments where I don't feel I 'fit in'.


As a dancer of ID Dance, I am so excited for the opportunities and working with a brilliant company! I love improvisation, choreographing and collaborating on creative projects! Looking forward for the future of ID Dance and what I can bring to the table!


I have had the most incredible time since I joined ID at the beginning of the year. I've had the most insightful experiences from the weekly technique session and monthly workshops.

The company provides me with a safe space where I can refine my technique and experiment with movement in a fun and non-judgmental environment. ID has assisted me in developing crucial abilities, experiences, and confidence that I can carry with me as an artist entering the professional world.


Dancing with ID has given me a platform to respark my confidence as a dancer and my creative practice following Covid. It's a joy to get to create, investigate and play each week with the company, and have access to masterclasses with established artists!


After the long break with Covid, I’m so pleased to be back dancing with ID! The weekly technique classes and masterclasses with established choreographers give me the skills and confidence to seek paid work within the industry.


I like being a part of ID dance because it makes me happy and dancing is my favourite thing to do. We all work together as a team and make new routines as trusted friends.