We Are Epic is a new arts company aiming to develop diverse artistic talent & excellence. We identify pathways, create inclusive professional trainings and broker innovative international collaborations.

Our Ethos

We are not defined by geography, demographics or politics. We are adventurous, flexible and see possibility.

We are optimistic, imaginative and eclectic minds that defy expectations, overcome odds and challenge stereotypes.

We believe in people. We are epic.

What We Do

Our work is about removing barriers to enable a diverse range of emerging talent to achieve great things in performance. Inspired by our association with Epic Arts work in Cambodia and their inclusive approach to developing talent.

We are responsive to the local areas in which we work, with ambitions of cultivating links for diverse artists globally.

Our vision is to develop a robust and resilient arts sector through:

Thouen & Noth after their performance

International Collaboration

Brokering partnerships internationally between UK artists and organisations. International CPD, training and diverse talent development.

We’re currently in the Production phase of an original performance piece, Buffalo Boy, in the UK & Cambodia. In August 2018 James Cousins developed his inclusive practice with us, visiting Epic Arts in Cambodia to explore diverse styles of movement, read more about the project.

We Are Epic Board

Talent Development

Developing diverse leadership through identifying and creating professional pathways & development opportunities for dance, theatre and multi-disciplinary artists, & arts professionals.

Currently working on: Pinpoint Powwows –  Invited provocations and discussions to identify future possibilities in the East Midlands arts sector.


Epic DNA is our CPD training designed to arm businesses and organisations with the attitudes, actions and personal skills needed for successful inclusion in the workplace.

We are currently looking for businesses and organisations in the UK requiring this service.

Current Highlight: Buffalo Boy

A story of communication, articulation and what it means to be heard. Find out more about our first UK based international collaboration.

Thouen & Noth after their performance