We Are Epic believes that bringing different minds and bodies together creates exciting opportunities, ignites innovative thinking and changes the way we view the world

We exist to develop and nurture diverse artistic talent in the UK and around the world.

We Are Epic brings the values and methods that Anthony and Laura Evans learnt as Co-Directors of Epic Arts in Cambodia to the UK arts sector.

We Are Epic is a Community Interest Company that acts in partnership with Epic Arts. We Are Epic is a UK registered CiC with it’s own board of Advisors.

We Are Epic's Vision and Mission

Mission: We exist to develop and nurture diverse artistic talent in the UK and around the world.

Vision: To contribute to a vibrant, creative world were bringing different bodies and minds together is seen as the best way to create exciting opportunities, ignite innovative thinking and understand what it means to be human

We Are Epic's Values

We believe in everything we do being an epic adventure! We strive for excellence in all that we do and we encourage those we work with to be the best they can be.
We think internationally and see the benefits of learning from and exploring different cultures and ways of being creative from around the globe. We believe that being open to the world around us adds to our experience as artists.
We believe in supporting the people we work with to grow and develop in the way that they need to and we are always learning from those we work with.
We face barriers head on and like to work out how they can be broken down. We want to challenge thinking around who can be an artist and what can be achieved with the right approach.

Our Story

It all started as a three month trip to Cambodia!
We Are Epic’s Director, Anthony and Producer, Laura, were offered a three month opportunity to volunteer for Epic Arts in Cambodia in 2012. Four years later and they were still there working with the local team to develop and nurture disabled artists in the country, tackle barriers to inclusion in society and the arts and raise awareness of disability and inclusion issues in Asia.

Along with the Epic Arts team, Anthony and Laura saw that bringing different minds and bodies together created exciting opportunities, ignited innovative thinking and changed the way that people viewed the world.

Learning from Cambodia

When they returned to the UK in 2016, they saw that this way of working was relevant to the arts sector there. They embarked on an organisation development project supported by Arts Council England and We Are Epic was born.

Since then, We Are Epic has delivered projects in Cambodia, Indonesia, Jordan and across the UK, linking UK and international artists together, providing bespoke talent development opportunities for diverse artists and supporting organisations to develop the way they work to be more inclusive.